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Rebecca is an educator, director, and producer who has spent the last fourteen years documenting stories of strength and adversity around the globe. Rebecca's passion for conscious storytelling sparked in the intricate and multi-cultural landscape of the Holy City of Jerusalem, where she achieved her first Master's degree in Middle Eastern Culture and Religion. 


Rebecca's work as a documentary filmmaker has taken her around the world (50+ nations) and uniquely qualified her to craft her brand of purpose-driven narratives. On every project, she continues to push boundaries telling stories that move audiences to action. Rebecca's work has been featured on online, national and regional television outlets and globally via the History Channel, Nat Geo, and Discovery Channels. 


In 2006, Rebecca co-founded OR Productions with her siblings Stephen and Rachel Pettit. Together they produced the independent award-winning children's travel series, Stevie's Treks. This series of eight distinct episodes introduced children to the fascinating world of travel. Today, this award-winning series can be seen online via Amazon Prime and other major outlets.


In addition to her work as a filmmaker, Rebecca has become a sought after lecturer. She frequently returns to her roots in Jerusalem, her chosen hometown, to research and lecture at Jerusalem University College, an established and renowned graduate school situated on the historic Mount Zion outside of the Old City of Jerusalem. Rebecca specializes in the historical geography of the Holy Land and the Hebraic roots of Christianity. Combining her background as a visual storyteller with teaching on-location throughout the Holy Land, Rebecca continues to find vibrant and robust ways to communicate a message.


Her passion for conscientious and rooted narratives continues to grow and expand. Beyond her position with Jerusalem University College, Rebecca is also a distinguished co-host and docent for the semi-annual Writers' Gathering, a fully sponsored 8-day immersion in the Land of the Bible for established screen/TV writers, playwrights, and novelists. Today, Rebecca enjoys working with both OR Productions and as a speaker and lecturer continuing her charge as a strategic and sensitive storyteller. 


She bases in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Jerusalem, splitting her time between those two locations.

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