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Anne Nelson

Award-winning author and educator; Red Orchestra (2009) Suzanne’s Children (2017)

It is a gift to travel the landscape of Israel at Rebecca Pettit’s side—a refreshing intellectual and spiritual experience. Rebecca possesses a deep and broad knowledge of the ancient and modern history of the place, and explains it with clarity and grace. She is also an excellent companion, sensitive to everyone’s interests and needs. I can’t wait for another opportunity to travel in her company!


Art Hall

Parishioner, University United Methodist Church

On my second trip to "The Land Between," Becca's skillful storytelling raised my knowledge level from exposure to experienced. She wove together the sites, scenes, and senses of Israel in in a way that, hearing scriptures here at home, moves me back immediately to the Holy Land. 


Tim Keesee

Executive Producer & Published Author; Dispatches from the Front, (2010-Present), A Company of Heroes (2019)

Becca Pettit combines historical perspective and cultural understanding with boots-on-the-ground experience. She has a storyteller’s knack for opening the secret passageways that lead to a better understanding of the grand narrative of this ancient land.


Pastor Will Galkin

Pastor at Gospel Grace Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

Becca became part of our family for three weeks as we traveled from southern Israel's port city Eilat to the upper reaches of the Golan Heights. Our family loved her unique blend of biblical knowledge, geographical understanding, and contemporary awareness. Her contextual perspective and splendid organization gave our family a trip that we still talk about almost every day.


Dr. Cyndi Parker

Director of Narrative of Place;

Rebecca Pettit is a true artist with a keen eye for detail. Her work demonstrates her uncompromising values on research, authenticity, and excellence. Rebecca excels at creating well-researched narratives that are beautifully portrayed to engage the viewer.


Irene O'Garden

Distinguished American poet

Rebecca Pettit is a brilliant and warm companion who enriched our trip beyond measure with her profound knowledge and deep love of this precious part of the world. Treat yourself to her wisdom and friendly presence!


Dr. Lawson Stone

Professor of Old Testament Asbury Theological Seminary; Published Author

Becca Pettit has the rare combination of direct, encyclopedic knowledge of the biblical lands and the ability to connect that information with the sensibility of the biblical narrative. Her cinematic vision and empathy for the biblical stories open up new insights into the life of scripture.

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