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Health and Life Update: Feb 2020

This past November, as I was teaching a class in Israel, I became suddenly and violently ill. Severe vertigo completely disabled me. I was not able to complete teaching my group, and I quickly realized I would have to cancel the long-awaited trip I had been planning to Zambia for Isaac's wedding. So many of you reached out at that time. Through your words of love and comfort, as well as prayers for healing, I came through that time. I spent the months of November and December healing in Salt Lake City. It was a quiet time, but I need every bit of it to get back to full strength. I love teaching in Israel, but to teach, I have to be at my best. Every day is a full day of lecturing, hiking, logistics, and lots of enjoyable and engaging conversations. As the days past quickly, January seemed just around the corner, and I was nervous. I wondered if I would have the physical and mental stamina needed.

About Thanksgiving, as I was looking into a refunding my canceled trip to Zambia, I discovered it was non-refundable. Still, it was transferable to another date within a year of the original date of travel. I wrote Phil Hunt, Vice-Chancellor of Central Africa Baptist University, and mentioned my open ticket. After a bit of discussion, he invited me to travel to Zambia in late January/Feb

to teach two block courses at the university.

I said yes but with trepidation.

This past week I was able to teach two classes at CABU. I soaked up the student's energy and passion for the topics and finished strong with two beautiful weeks at CABU.

This past weekend, I was able to spend a few days at Faith Children's Village, visiting Isaac and his wife, Hellen. Isaac grew up at FCV, and after he graduated worked away from the village a few years before returning to come on staff. It is hard to catch up 11 years in 3 days, but we tried! :)

Tomorrow, I head back to Jerusalem. I am looking forward to teaching another group and introducing a new set of students to the land of the Bible. But, as I leave Zambia, I am full of wonder and gratitude. I am so thankful for your prayers, thoughts of love, and support. I rest securely on the rock, which is ever my fortress.

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